A Poem – Where Is God?

Where is God?

So where is God right now.
How will we know he’s there?
I’m sure we all know how.
The answer lies in prayer.

He prays against that virus.
For all those who are dying.
We know He does this for us.
To pray we must keep trying.

Keep looking for Him, to find.
Not for some place out there.
But where His people are kind.
And we can see their loving care.

For it is in our hearts that God is found.
Look deep inside, for Him to find.
And sing our praises, out loud in sound.
For he is with you, loving and kind.

For His people is our prayer.
Those from loved ones, now left.
It is Him who is out there.
Among those who, are now bereft.

These few words came into my head.
On paper I put these few sayings.
For all God’s children who are dead.
Let us to keep on praying.

Martin Allen