Children’s Praise for Sunday 3 May

Welcome to Children’s Praise!

Good to be with you all again, but don’t forget, you’ll need to sing out – and get your family to join in too!

We start by singing a new song we haven’t done before, but it’s easy to join in with! It’s Hello! Welcome!

What do we always sing before the story? – The Wiggle Song! Stand up and get rid of those wiggles!

Now let’s sit down and watch Father Ian telling us a story:
Oops! Did you spot Father Ian’s mistake? Yes, of course you did – Children’s Praise is once a month, not once a week!

Let’s all sing our next song – The Butterfly Song, and there’s plenty of opportunity to join in with actions too!

And now let’s keep quiet for our prayer:

Loving God we thank you for the wonder and the beauty of the world around us,
for the colours of every flower and the joy of each bird that sings.
We thank you that you see every one of us as your own sons and daughters.
We pray for all who suffer in our world especially in these strange and difficult times.
Help us love each other, help each other and encourage each other.
Most of all, may we remember that you live in the heart of every person we meet.

Please join in now with our last song, Great Big God.

Thank you for taking part today – hope you enjoyed it. Join us again for the next Children’s Praise on Sunday 6 June!

Alleluia! Have a lovely day!
Ian, Brian & Pauline