Donations for the United Society

The United Society, the Anglican (worldwide) Mission agency, to which we send contributions for the work of the five Anglican dioceses in Zimbabwe, has acknowledged recent gifts from Holy Saviour amounting to £505.22.

The US was the chosen charity for the donations made at the funeral of Marjorie Barrow on May 9th, and earmarked for the training of Anglican priests in Zimbabwe. The total given then (including gift aided donations) was £355.22.

Other donations at fund raising events and individual gifts amounted to £150 making the total £505.22. This will clearly help the church struggling to repair damage to churches and give help to the poor in times of poor harvests.

The letter from US also underlines new work (with US a prime mover) in launching a pioneering national initiative called ‘PEOPLE LIVING WITH HIV STIGMA INDEX ( PLHIV) This helps in equipping local church volunteers with the skills they need to tackle that stigma. The letter from US thanks us at Holy Saviour for helping to enable this effective service.

(It is easy to think that US stands for United States! It is in fact the newest name for the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel which was founded in 1701 and is now called the United Society)

Jenny Nicholson