Sisterhood, Embroidery & Social Change

The Friends of Holy Saviour Church are delighted to announce that they have been able to reschedule their Talk & Tea event, “Sisterhood, Embroidery & Social Change”, and it will now be held on Sunday 3rd April at 3:00pm.

In this talk, author and architectural historian Dr Kathryn Ferry will reveal the origins of the Anglican Sisterhood of St Margaret, founded at East Grinstead in 1855 by prominent High Churchman, John Mason Neale .

Sister Elizabeth, known here at Holy Saviour for her beautiful embroidery in the Alleluia altar frontal and her work at the Radcliffe Road Orphanage, was a member of the Order.

Originally a nursing order helping the rural poor of Victorian Britain, the Sisters also ran an internationally renowned school of embroidery, as well as schools and orphanages, including the one started here in 1873. 

In an era before the campaign for women’s emancipation got underway, the Sisters of St Margaret were able to work as teachers, social workers and administrators with incredible dedication and remarkable success.

Sunday 3rd April at 3:00pm in Holy Saviour Church, Radcliffe Road SG5 1QG.

Admission £10 (Friends £8) at the door.