Children’s Praise for Easter Day

Welcome to Children’s Praise!

Since the church closed, we’ve missed our monthly service, so we thought a “virtual service” for Easter Day would be a great idea. But you’ll need to sing out – and get your family to join in too!

We start by singing an old favourite. Join in with Be Bold, Be Strong!

What do we always sing before the story? – The Wiggle Song! Stand up and get rid of those wiggles!

Now let’s sit down and watch The Seriously Surprising Story:

The word Alleluia (or Hallelujah) means Praise the Lord! and is used particularly at Easter. So let’s join in with this great Easter song, Alleluia Alleluia Give Thanks to the Risen Lord

And now let’s keep quiet for an Easter prayer:

Heavenly Father we thank you for the joy of Easter
We thank you for all the signs of Spring
And for the new life that surrounds us
We thank you for our families, our friends and everyone that we love
Most of all we thank you that Jesus has risen from the dead
And is alive again forever!
Lord we pray for everyone who is suffering in our world at the moment
Especially people who have lost others close to them
We pray too for doctors, nurses and care workers
And for any who are trying to help sick people to get better
Or to keep us all safe from harm
Lord help us to share the joy and the hope of this new Easter Day
With everyone we meet

Please join in now with our last song, Jesus is the King

Thank you for taking part today – hope you enjoyed it. We look forward to seeing you again when we can hold Children’s Praise in church!

Alleluia! Happy Easter and have a lovely day!
Ian, Brian & Pauline