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“Bless, O Lord, Us Thy Servants”

A concert to mark the retirement of Trevor Hughes from the post of Organist & Music Director of Holy Saviour Church

After 27 years of wonderful music-making at Holy Saviour Church, Trevor Hughes is retiring from the role of Organist & Director of Music.
Trevor’s last service will be on Sunday 29 May (9.45am) and on the evening of Saturday 28 May he will direct a concert in the church, featuring both of our choirs.

The concert will be performed by Holy Saviour Church Choir, and The Radcliffe Singers, conducted by Trevor Hughes, with soloists David Butler (violin), Gillian Hughes (clarinet) and James Risdon (recorders).

Holy Saviour Church, Radcliffe Road, Hitchin, SG5 1QG
Saturday 28 May 2022, at 7.30pm
Admission £10; Students FREE (tickets available at the door).


Sisterhood, Embroidery & Social Change

The Friends of Holy Saviour Church are delighted to announce that they have been able to reschedule their Talk & Tea event, “Sisterhood, Embroidery & Social Change”, and it will now be held on Sunday 3rd April at 3:00pm.

In this talk, author and architectural historian Dr Kathryn Ferry will reveal the origins of the Anglican Sisterhood of St Margaret, founded at East Grinstead in 1855 by prominent High Churchman, John Mason Neale .

Sister Elizabeth, known here at Holy Saviour for her beautiful embroidery in the Alleluia altar frontal and her work at the Radcliffe Road Orphanage, was a member of the Order.

Originally a nursing order helping the rural poor of Victorian Britain, the Sisters also ran an internationally renowned school of embroidery, as well as schools and orphanages, including the one started here in 1873. 

In an era before the campaign for women’s emancipation got underway, the Sisters of St Margaret were able to work as teachers, social workers and administrators with incredible dedication and remarkable success.

Sunday 3rd April at 3:00pm in Holy Saviour Church, Radcliffe Road SG5 1QG.

Admission £10 (Friends £8) at the door.


Hitchin Christmas Tree Festival

The Festival – our 25th – will come back home to Holy Saviour Church this year. We’re reducing tree numbers slightly, and making a few other changes to ensure the Festival is as safe as possible. But the magical display we know and love will be just the same!

Do join us on Saturday 11 December between 10:30am and 6:00pm or on Sunday 12 December between 12:00noon and 6:00pm! Admission £5 with accompanied children free.

This year, shops and businesses in the town are being invited to take part by decorating their own trees in their windows for the Festival weekend, and being included in the programme.

The David Parr House – an extraordinary Cambridge home

The Friends of Holy Saviour Church invite you to their next “Talk & Tea“ event, when Tamsin Wimhurst, of the David Parr House Trust, will give an illustrated talk on “The David Parr House”.

Decorated in the late Victorian era this house lay undiscovered until a few years ago when its extraordinary story began to be uncovered.

David Parr was a ‘decorator artist’ who worked for some of our best known Victorian designers of the day such as William Morris and George Bodley. He decorated churches and palaces for those who could afford such decoration but in his spare time he came home and decorated his humble terrace house in the same style.

Lived in by his granddaughter until a few years ago its interior remained a wondrous hidden secret. Now it is being saved, restored and opened up to the public so that many more can enjoy its unique atmosphere.

Sunday 10th October at 3pm in Holy Saviour Church, Radcliffe Road SG5 1QG.

For tickets (£10) and information, ring Alan on 07494 867275.

The Unexpected History of the Garden Gnome

As part of the Hitchin Festival 2021, The Friends of Holy Saviour Church invite you to their next event, when Dr Twigs Way will give a talk on “The Unexpected History of the Garden Gnome”.

The talk will be given online using Zoom on Wednesday 21st July 2021 at 7:30pm. Ticket-holders will be provided with a link to enable them to access the event.

Tickets cost £10 + £0.84 booking fee; tickets are available from the Hitchin Festival website (

At the Foot of the Cross

A meditation for Good Friday, 2nd April 2021 at 2:00pm

As we begin to re-open church in limited ways, and in accordance with Government COVID guidelines, this special meditation, in words and music, will include a performance of Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater, sung by Bridget Kerrison and Rachel Auld, accompanied by David Butler (violin), and Gillian Hughes (clarinet). This moving, and profoundly human picture of a grieving mother ends on an optimistic note, mirroring our own optimism as we look forward to easing out of lockdown.

A Poem – Where Is God?

Where is God?

So where is God right now.
How will we know he’s there?
I’m sure we all know how.
The answer lies in prayer.

He prays against that virus.
For all those who are dying.
We know He does this for us.
To pray we must keep trying.

Keep looking for Him, to find.
Not for some place out there.
But where His people are kind.
And we can see their loving care.

For it is in our hearts that God is found.
Look deep inside, for Him to find.
And sing our praises, out loud in sound.
For he is with you, loving and kind.

For His people is our prayer.
Those from loved ones, now left.
It is Him who is out there.
Among those who, are now bereft.

These few words came into my head.
On paper I put these few sayings.
For all God’s children who are dead.
Let us to keep on praying.

Martin Allen

Emery Walker and the Arts and Crafts Movement

The Friends of Holy Saviour Church invite you to their next “Talk & Tea“ event, when Julie Ashdown, of the Emery Walker Trust, will give an illustrated talk on “Emery Walker and the Arts and Crafts Movement”.

Emery Walker, printer and mentor to William Morris, is credited with the revival of the British printing industry in the early twentieth century. His house on the Thames at Hammersmith is considered to be the best preserved arts and crafts house in the country. Our speaker promises a tale of friendship, socialism, gender equality, celebrities, arts and crafts and scandal.

Sunday 26th January at 3pm in Holy Saviour Church, Radcliffe Road.

Tickets cost £10 (Friends £8) including tea after the talk; tickets are available from Clare Fleck (01462 646257) or at the door.

The Hitchin Christmas Tree Festival 2019

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th December (11.45am-6.00pm)
Doors open at 11.30am for grand switch-on of lights
Holy Saviour Church, Radcliffe Road, Hitchin SG5 1QG

Come and see the magical display of 50 Christmas trees, all decorated by local families, groups, and businesses – and don’t forget to vote for your favourite! Enjoy seasonal music from local choirs and musicians throughout the weekend and relax with excellent homemade hot & cold lunches and teas in the Festival Cafe. It’s a lovely way to start your Christmas!
Entry £4, accompanied children free.

On Saturday morning 10.30-11.30, we offer a “quiet hour” for disabled visitors and their carers, who may prefer to enjoy the display when the church is not crowded or noisy