Historic “Alleluia” Altar Frontal Appeal

Our Alleluia Altar Frontal Needs ‘a Stitch in Time’!

The STITCHES making up this lovely Alleluia Altar Frontal were skilfully sewn by Sister Elizabeth specifically for Holy Saviour Church.  She had already made other altar frontals, super-frontals and vestments for the church.

LiliesHer TIME in Hitchin was from 1873 till her death in 1898.  The Anglican Sisters of St Margaret, East Grinstead, sent her to run the orphanage opposite this church. The Sisters ran a school and workshop of Ecclesiastical Embroidery in Bloomsbury which produced highly esteemed work.

Some of the STITCHES have worn thin since 1895 from almost 120 years of use.

Red-winged angelNOW is THE TIME TO SAVE the frontal with expert cleaning, the repair of lost and worn stitches, and conservation of fragile areas so it can continue to be used for many years.

How many stitches can YOU save?
The church needs your financial help to ensure this beautiful part of our church worship and history can continue to be enjoyed for decades to come.
The Church Council has accepted the proposal from the Janie Lightfoot Studio in London to work on the frontal.
As it has historical significance we must have a Faculty approved at Westminster before work can start. The overall cost is expected to be in the region of £5,000 and the work expected to take approximately three months.

PLEASE GIVE A DONATION to support this conservation project.
Download the Appeal Leaflet for payment details.

Thank you for your support!